When they have to go, sadly, they must go. But don’t be dismayed as Trees offer just as many benefits to our world in the after-life as they do during life.
Rest assured, that No Matter the Size or Location of any Tree, the experts at Sterling Tree Service are poised to complete your tree removal Safely and Efficiently, Everytime.
If you are unsure if your tree is a possible hazard, contact Sterling Tree Service without hesitation. Our arborists have a trained eye and know what signs to look for when gauging the health of a tree.


If the health of your tree is in decline and other solutions have been ruled out, it may be most beneficial to remove the tree, especially where safety is a concern. Contact Sterling Tree Service today, where “We go out on a Limb for You.”

NOTICE: Trees that are dead or are dying may be extremely dangerous and unstable. It is advised to attend to trees that are known to be dead immediately or as soon as possible. Risk increases over time as rapid decay takes toll on the strength and stability of a dying tree.
Once it has been determined that a tree is dead or irreparably hazardous, it may be considered a liability to the owner. If an incident were to ever occur where a person(s) was injured, killed, or incurred property damage from a tree that was known to be dead, the owner of the tree could be held liable in a court of law on the basis of negligence.
Protect yourself and others from the potential dangers of a demised tree. If your tree is dead or is dying, don’t wait, please contact Sterling Tree Service today!