Your trees are valuable assets, and at Sterling Tree Service we treat them as such. Our Arborists are trained in the precise art and science of tree pruning. Our non-invasive or “spikeless” pruning techniques will always preserve and enhance the health, strength, and beauty of your tree. All of our Tree Pruning is done in accordance with national standards upheld by the International Society of Arboriculture. There are three main pruning techniques that we practice and have perfected for trees of all ages, young and mature alike.


Crown Cleaning and Thinning

Involves the correct removal of deadwood, crossing or conflicting limbs, and limbs that are weak, diseased, or otherwise prone to failure. Thinning allows essential airflow and sunlight throughout the crown of the tree, can reduce weight on heavy limbs, and improves the overall structure of a tree.

Crown Raising / Elevating

Involves the removal of lower limbs to essentially “elevate” the crown of a tree providing increased ground clearance. This type of pruning is beneficial in a number of different scenerios where lower branches of a tree may cause an undesireable obstruction such as blocking a view, or preventing a riding lawn mower from passing under. Elevating also allows for “house clearance”, and keeps our right aways free from intruding limbs.

Crown Reduction

Involves reducing the height of a tree. This type of pruning is used most often to provide clearance for utility lines. Unlike “topping” a tree, Crown Reduction, preserves the structural integrity and beauty of the tree.
Need Help? Our arborists at Sterling Tree Service are ready to help you determine which combination of pruning is right for your particular situation!

NOTICE: A practice known as “Topping” is a perhaps one of the most harmful misfortunes inflicted on a tree, and unfortunately its practice is widespread. Topping trees is a practice that does not adhere to the standards upheld by the I.S.A. and other arbicultural organizations. Topping leads to significant consequences that are costly, counterproductive, hazardous, and visually unappealing. Topping your trees will actually turn these valuable assets into undesirable liabilities.
No reputable tree company will ever Top your trees. Beware of employing the services of anyone who recommends “Topping” your tree.